About Us

About GenR8

The GenR8 Building Group is a collaboration of builders & professionals that have come together from a wide ranging part of the building industry seeing the need to provide a complete building service from initial contact with one of our local quality builders to the post completion of your home & after sales service.

Our members are located across NSW and ACT regions, spanning from Wollongong to the Victorian border along the South Coast and across to Canberra including the Snowy Mountains region. We are strengthened thru our quality of suppliers giving Genr8 the competitive edge, giving you as our client a well-priced quality product from award winning local builders.

Our builders come together with the combined experience and ability that is unique and is due to the common commitment of sharing knowledge and resources and our continuous development on best practice, this allows you the client to have confidence in our quality and experience to complete your project from residential home construction through to multi-unit development and commercial projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continually enhance our ability provide a home building experience. Each of our brands is uniquely positioned, but built on a common commitment to provide our customers with quality products and services, fair fees and charges, and relationships built on the principles of help, guidance and advice.

We are continually enhancing our design plans and product knowledge and building systems to provide the best home building experience for you the client to provide the perfect home building experience.With our continuous development of our local builders and further investment into research and development, we believe we are well on our way in utilising locally sourced materials were possible.

GenR8 doesn’t just want to build you a house, we want to build your home. Through vast experience, we have created a number of designs that suit varying needs and home sites. If these designs don’t suit you, we can even help you through the process of creating your ideal home.

Your Creation

With your access to our exclusive range of homes and with our builders local design experience and guidance, we are able to customise your plan selection to create a home which is best suited to your local area, aspect and environment in order to provide you with a perfect home to compliment your lifestyle that is yours to enjoy for years to come.

With your opportunity to view our extensive range of finishes and our complete selections process you can be confident that you will achieve your desired quality built home, with all this and a fixed priced contract, we are able to provide you with the perfect home building experience.